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Several educational compenents are key to the project, including:
  1. Educational Curricula developed collaboratively with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University as part of its Global Liberation Project, for use in elementary, Junior high and high school classrooms in the Oakland Unified School District and other classrooms across the country - to be disseminated via the Remember Them website.

  2. Class Field Trips to the Oakland monument and, while the monument is being sculpted and cast, to Chiodo Art Development in West Oakland.

  3. A Full-length Documentary Film about the monument's creation, why Mario Chiodo chose to honor these humanitarians in this way and brief stories about the humanitarians themselves.

  4. A Commemorative Book featuring short biographies and famous quotes by the 25 humanitarians; a piece by Mario Chiodo about his vision; an essay by author/poet Guy Johnson on the historical significance of the humanitarians; and commentary by Joseph Haraburda, President/CEO of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, about the monument's significance to Oakland.

  5. Traveling Exhibit promoting interest in humantarians and their causes.

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