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Remember Them



Facts about the Remember Them educational monument:

  • To be placed in the new Henry J. Kaiser Sculpture Park in Fox Square, a new downtown Oakland development.

  • Four-piece sculpture (bronze with cast stone base).

  • 52 feet wide by 21 feet high, covering 1,000 square feet.

  • 60,000 lbs. of bronze will be used.

  • Mario Chiodo is donating his sculpting time.

Other interesting points to note:

  • The visually impaired feature of the educational monument is first of its kind, allowing the visually impaired to touch and feel the faces of 25 world figures in one place, with humanitarian quotes also in braille.

  • The Remember Them educational monument is designed on a spiraling axis emulating the helix of the common DNA of all humans.

  • The base will include sculptures of books to illustrate the importance of education in the lives and work of all of the honorees.

  • The base will also feature seven sets of interlocking men and women, symbolizing the seven continents of earth.

  • The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN will have a casting of the educational monument on display in their museum.

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